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We are a certified installation company for Leaf Relief, and there are strong reasons for that. The biggest is value.
The installed pricing is VERY REASONABLE compared to all other major brand name products found on TV or the Yellow Pages. Here’s what makes that pricing even more attractive . . .

Far better than the systems illustrated above, the simple but effective construction of these solid aluminum gutter guards by Leaf Relief has no need for painting, is rust-free, pest-resistant, and virtually maintenance free as well, which is why our customers love it so much.

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This superior and highly effective design is made to fit most gutters, and stands out from the competition as you can see below.

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  • Patented Design  
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Leaf Relief uses patented, proven Aluma-Perf™ technology designed to keep twigs, leaves, seeds and needles out and off your gutters in normal wind conditions.


(Dry leaves require breezes of just 6 mph and wet debris requires 23 mph winds).

This kind of gutter protection fits tightly on top of your gutter. It's virtually undetectable from the ground and makes use of the breeze by allowing leaves to blow over the top of your gutters instead of in them where all the trouble begins.

What a relief to have your gutters -the outdoor plumbing system of your home, working as they were intended!


This system can drain over over 29 inches of rain per hour- far more than a rain gutter should ever need and beyond what we get in St Louis. 

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